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I was born in 1978 and grew up in one of those small villages, Sestri Levante, which make Liguria a unique place.

In 2003 I graduated in engineering in Genoa and during 2005 I got a diploma in guitar in Florence.

Talking about photography, which has always been present in my family (I still shoot with a wonderful OM 1 that we own and have been using since the year of my birth), it took Sofia and Gabriele, the two human beings that my wife Natty and I are raising in Genoa, where we live since 2008.

I suddenly felt the need to study and try to understand what makes a photo or a photo series interesting to my eyes. The answer, which may seem trivial, is the light … combined with a right dose of conscious improvisation to create something personal given the infinite number of images that are produced today on the web.

I feel lucky to have lived one of the last generations during which culture and art still were completely analogical. This allowed to associate a work, a photo, or a record with more sensations than those strictly related to the type of work. Everything was tangible, had a smell and was an object that would have aged with us.

So, this is the task that I feel to attribute to those who want to define themselves as photographers today .
Creating something that increases its importance with the passing of the years. A memory not only for the eyes, but for all our senses.

Thank you.